Save money on bills

Save money on bills

You’ll probably save money on your gas, electricity and broadband bills by switching to a new supplier.

You’ll need to follow a different process for switching if you’re in debt to your supplier, or if you’re a tenant.

Before you decide to switch

You should start by:

Choosing the right tariff

It’s worth thinking about the type of tariff you need before you switch - for example, you might want:

  • a flexible tariff that you can get out of at any time
  • an environmentally-friendly tariff
  • the cheapest tariff available

You should also check whether you need a specific tariff for the type of electricity meter you have - for example, if you have a prepayment meter or an ‘Economy 7’ meter.

If you get the Warm Home Discount, check whether your new supplier offers the Warm Home Discount before you switch - you’ll lose it if they don’t.

If you’ve applied for the Warm Home Discount but not yet got it, you'll have to apply again if you switch supplier - check if your new supplier has different rules about who gets it.

Find out more about the different types of tariffs available.

How to switch supplier or tariff

Follow these steps to switch:

  • Compare tariffs from different suppliers
  • Once you’ve found one, call the supplier - they’ll set up the switch and tell your old supplier. Alternatively, you can switch online.
  • Take a meter reading on the day of the transfer to give to your new supplier - this means they won’t charge you for energy used before the switch.
  • Pay your old supplier’s final bill or get a refund if you’re in credit.
  • Once the switch has started, you’ll also need to give the new supplier your energy meter reference numbers, known as ‘MPRN’ or ‘MPAN’ numbers. This will make sure they switch your energy supply and not someone else's. You can find these numbers on your energy bill.

Boost your broadband: find better deals

Over 11 million UK households pay an average loyalty penalty of £113 on their broadband. Prices for loyal customers jump on average 43% after the initial contract ends.

Ofcom's 'Boost Your Broadband' campaign helps people to find out if they could get a better deal.

To find out your current broadband speeds, get advice and shop around for better deals visit