Our Partners

Our Partners

The Money Talk Team service is delivered by the Citizens Advice Network in Scotland and backed by the Scottish Government as part of the Parent Club offer. It aims to motivate low income families to seek financial advice to maximise their income by ensuring that they are not paying more for essential goods and services than they need to and that they are getting all the benefits, grants and exemptions (council tax, energy) to which they are entitled.  It also allows them to access support and impartial advice where they need to e.g. debt advice.

The new service launched in November 2019 and has already helped hundreds of Scots maximise their income.  Overall, there are half a million cases of Scots not claiming all the support they are entitled to. But, one call to the free phoneline on 0800 085 7145 is all it takes for families to find out what they are eligible for. Clients can also access the service through any of our bureau across Scotland.

Who is this aimed at?

The seven target groups are:

  • Single parent families
  • Families which include a disabled adult or child
  • Larger families
  • Minority ethnic families
  • Families with a child under one year old
  • Families where the mother is under 25 years of age.
  • Older people and those approaching retirement age

While these groups will be the focus of targeted activity, any low income household can also access a financial health check.

How can your organisation help?

If some of your beneficiaries or clients may benefit from a chat with the Money Talk Team, we urge you to become an ambassador for the Money Talk Team service. This way we can support your beneficiaries to alleviate financial difficulties they are facing. You can do this in several ways:

  • Flyers and leaflets: We can provide promotional material for you to display in your venue or hand out to beneficiaries
  • Social Media: Regularly share information about the Money Talk Team on Social Media
  • Add a link to the service on your website
  • Referrals: People are more likely to take up a service if it is recommended by a trusted organisation, with your support, we can encourage more people to access advice from the Money Talk Team.
  • Join our stakeholder mailing list so you receive regular updates about the service and new information you can share with beneficiaries
  • Tell your partners about the service and encourage them to become ambassadors too.

Similarly, onward referrals are an essential part of providing holistic support to our clients. It is helpful to know where to refer people on after they have received all the help they can from us. If you would like us to refer our clients to you, please get in touch.

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